Families Learning Together/ Unschooling

Inspiring stories/learnings of Homeschoolers,unschoolers and creative families who are transforming environments with new experiments and weaving a new joint family system.

Families learning together is a four day living together and learning experience at Swaraj University, Udaipur. It's an invitation to all the families and people who are thinking out of the box and experimenting with new ways of living and learning together.

Learn about the art of sponging to pursure your dreams and join the Sponge Club.

 A little glimpse into the Unschoolers Winter Camp held at Shikshantar, Udaipur, from Nov 1-Dec 30, 2017. This film was shot and made by the unschoolers themselves. Special thanks to Qudrat.

I am the the youngest of three BRATS (Born Raised and Transferred) kids from the Defence background who reminds my kids that I spent the first nine years of my life in eight locations across the country — from Jodhpur to Pathankot to Wellington in the Nilgiris in South India.

A couple of years earlier I had many ideals and ideas of how I wanted to live, raise my children, where I should live and what the world ‘should’ be like.

Frequently asked questions about the Winter Camp. Check out the Unschoolers Winter Camp film.

I am 44 years old. I live in Pune with my daughter, Gourika, and son, Ishaan, my parents and our dog, Goldy. I run a space called Circle of Life, along with a partner, where we facilitate community-based activities and different kinds of intentional circles.

Bollywood loves that particular phase when a man and a woman are falling in love. Over 80% of our film music can be mapped to this ‘pink phase’ (including at least one of your favourite numbers)

The decision to spend two months in India — for a first visit — felt exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. I was to be travelling to India with my husband, my two sons aged eighteen and seventeen, and my ten year old daughter.

Inspiring stories of South Asian homeschoolers, unschoolers, and creative families who are transforming the family learning environment with new experiments and weaving a new joint family system.

Our search for natural health and other related matters started with the birth of our son. Actually, it started a little before that, when we were looking for a sympathetic gynecologist.

Watch Vidhi Jain's Josh Talk on How Schools kill creativity and why she chooses to unschool.

Some stories about families learning together from social visionaries Norma and Claude Alvares during the Swaraj University Wisdom Weekend

Some stories about Families Learning Together from social visionaries Norma and Claude Alvares during the Swaraj University Wisdom Weekend.

Interview with Mrs. Vidhi Jain, co-founder of the ‘Shikshantar Resource Centre for Homeschool/Unschooling, Gap Year, Walkouts and Self-Designed Learners’ in Udaipur about her vision of education...

Come visit The Shikshantar Resource Center for Homeschooling/Unschooling, Gap Year, Walkouts, and Self–Designed Learners.

The film  is a recording of a gathering of families and individuals that met in Deer Park, Bir, Himachal Pradesh in India in April 2011, to discuss and share there learning journeys.

Glimpses of the Families Learning Together meet that was held in Indore in 2010. About 12 families gathered and played together in Indore, beautifully hosted by Dinesh Kothari and friends.

A film based on the research of K B Jinan which shows the richness of learning spaces and processes in daily village life. As you will see village children have many more learning resources available to them than even elite urban children.

The Families Learning Together group has produced this animation to raise a dialogue around the issues of vaccination.  

Listen to Vidhi Jain's TEDx talk about the power of learning cities and learning eco-systems.

You are committing a sin.
You will spoil and ruin your child’s life.
You are mad.