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Manish Jain

This article, published in Teacher Plus, shares some thoughts about our vision of and experiences with unschooling.

Manish Jain, Shilpa Jain

This anthology explores many aspects of the gift culture - trust, care, hospitality, sharing economy, copyleft, forgiveness, vulnerability, etc. - from around the world.

Manish Jain

Join our campaign to say NO to diplomas and certificates as the basis for hiring and promotion in companies and civil society organizations.

Manish Jain

Cities all over the world are rising up to make a difference in food, energy, transportation, communication and urban space. We have been inspired in Udaipur as a Learning City by many others, and have compiled their amazing examples into a small booklet.

Shri Dayal Chandra Soni

A beautiful radical poem critiquing the way 'literacy' has been framed by development projects.

Manish Jain

I can no longer accept a narrative of education, which teaches me that my village grandmother was illiterate, primitive, backward, stupid, uneducated, underdeveloped, uncivilized and not capable of managing her own affairs.

Manish Jain, Vipul Shaha

What if... money could speak? What would it tell us?
What if... you had $1 million dollars? What would you do with it?


You are committing a sin.
You will spoil and ruin your child’s life.
You are mad.

Vivek Bhandari

The term ‘resistance’ has been given different meanings by different scholars.

Manish Jain, Shilpa Jain

This issue of Vimukt Shiksha is dedicated to celebrating the courage and wisdom of those individuals, families and communities who are trying to resist being schooled/conditioned/ institutionalized/dehumanized and, in the process, are trying to reclaim control of their own learning/lives.

Manish Jain, Shilpa Jain

There is no pre-set curriculum for the learning activists. Rather, the learning agenda (learning goals, environments, styles and pace, resources, evaluations) emerges from mutual dialogue among all of the co-learners. We have learned that there are, however, some processes that can assist in their deeper exploration.

Imagine a group of MBA students... starting their own real green company and issuing a slow money IPO as part of their studies.

Munir Fasheh

Since meanings in life are contextual and experiential, I will write about my understanding of mujaawarah basing it mainly on my experiences and making sense of them.

Munir Fasheh

Munir Fasheh raises many fundamental questions around the relevance of knowledge, the process of its selection and the issue of power.

Vidhi Jain, Manav

As the process of deep-dialogue continues, some glaring questions stare at us. How do we see our city, and how do we see it in the future?