Welcome to Hulchul Café on Saturday

Halchal café is a slow food gift culture café started in 2010. We started it as an experiment to rebuild trust, friendship, health and connection in udaipur.

This café is run by the love of volunteers.

You are invited to come volunteer in the kitchen, share your favourite recipes, and learn how to cook slow food.

You are also invited to share your talents here – singing, poetry, dance, theatre, arts, conversations, cooperative games, making new friends.

There is no bill for the food in our café. Instead, we ask you to make a voluntarily contribution from your heart to help cover the costs for the next café – bill se nahin dil se. Thanks for sharing your Saturday evening with us and for supporting our experiments with gift culture. 

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Get your fresh, cold-pressed cooking oil from Shikshantar. We have an oil expeller which makes cooking oil from groundnuts or coconuts. Come over with your groundnuts, sesame or coconuts and take your oil in 1 hr. You take back the remaining fibre.

Learn about Hulchul Saturday Cafe which promotes slow food and gift culture in Udaipur.

The Indian Multiversities Alliance aims to generate meaningful responses to the deep crisis of relevance facing the Indian education system.

At the Swapathgami Film Making Workshop this August, you will get the opportunity to:

· Learn basics of shooting and working with camera

· Make a film with a team

I am 44 years old. I live in Pune with my daughter, Gourika, and son, Ishaan, my parents and our dog, Goldy.

Bollywood loves that particular phase when a man and a woman are falling in love.