Ram Ram Udaipur - Episode 5

In this episode, we interviewed two persons, Dr. Ruchi Dixit and Ms. Jaya Bhavsar, who run a physiotherapy centre in the city for children who are mentally and physically disabled. Jaya tells her story of how she  had to struggle a lot to become what she is. Her contribution to Udaipur is immensely valuable. What she does is different, because rather than just curing the child, she also teaches the parents how to understand the child’s actions even after the therapy has ended. For the second segment, we earlier had done a piece on the traditional Mewari games that we all have grown up playing, and how they are vanishing, but this time we have laid stress on the dishes that are made out of local millets with a veg kabab recipe from Sunny Gandhrva and Manoj Prajapat of Millets of Mewar. Lastly, we posed a hot question to the public at Fateh Sagar regarding whether we should have Old-Age Homes or not in Udaipur. All in all, it is a great episode. The video has been uploaded on the following link. 

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