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Learning Societies UnConference 2020




The 11th LSUC was in ParalakhemundÔÇïi, Orissa at Centurion University. The 10th LSUC was in Bangalore at Bhoomi College. Here are some  LOVE LETTERS from Bangalore. Here is also a little video glimpse  and a little article of the immense joy we experienced at the 9th Learning Societies unConference 2016 at Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, Churu (Near Bikaner) Rajasthan. It was hosted in Hindi, English and regional languages.

Participants are requested to join for the entire duration of the unConference so as to explore, express and nourish our creative energies together. This intergenerational gathering will bring together leading "thinker-doers" from around South Asia who are active in challenging the monopoly of factory-schooling and monoculture, and nurturing diverse learning communities, vernacular traditions, intercultural dialogues, deep consciousness and swaraj.  There will be alternative educators, organic farmers, artists, artisans, activists, designers, ecologists and nature lovers, filmmakers, healers, social entrepreneurs, homeschoolers, unschoolers, barefoot innovators, grandparents, youth, spiritual seekers, and more. As with all learning societies events, the unConference welcomes families, youth and children.

In an unConference, the participants co-create the agenda together around what matters deeply to them. We believe each participant is a resource person, even children. We believe in sharing our stories, talents and gifts from our hearts. There will be a lot of open space for participants to self-organize in groups around questions, experiences, experiments, workshops, play, music, dance, sports, cooking food, treks, art, etc., in the spirit of deep dialogue and friendship. The gathering seeks to engage the heart, hands, head and home, all of our senses and sensibilities, for re-imagining our lifestyles and systems.

We hope to build upon the reflection, dialogue and co-motion that have been initiated in the Learning Societies network already. There will be a lot of space in the unConference to explore radical ideas, proposals and projects. This is a fantastic opportunity to really re-think everything and share our life experiments and questions. Most importantly, the central purpose of this gathering is to build strong friendships and critical connections across the country. Previous unConferences have been held in ParalakhemundÔÇïi, Orissa; Sardarshahar (Raj); Pune; Bir, Himachal Pradesh; Udaipur; Mumbai; Brazil; Jordan; Pakistan and Iran.

Co-hosted by: Shikshantar Andolan ┬À Gandhi Vidhya Mandir ┬À Swashikshan Association of Indian Homeschoolers ┬À Vikalp Sangam ┬À Multiversities Alliance ┬À Abhivyakti Media for Development ┬À Digital Empowerment Foundation ┬À Banyan Tree Bookstore ┬À Moved by Love ┬À Blue Ribbon Movement ┬À YES Jam ┬À Aikyam Network for Sustainable Living  ┬À Zero Waste Lifestyle-India ┬À Dariya Dil Dukaan 

Please register online before February 20, 2020.

NOTE: Those co-creators who are coming for the entire duration of the unConference will be given priority for registration and accommodation. Read here to know more about the spirit of the Unconference.

More event details

Costs. The Learning Societies UnConference is entirely organized in the spirit of gift culture. We feel everyone is a volunteer, a teacher, a co-creator with many gifts to share to help build the larger community. The suggested contribution for the event is Rs6000 per person (inclusive for registration, food and accomodation). You can contribute whatever you are able to from your heart. We would greatly appreciate it if you can give more to sponsor others participation. Lack of money should not deter you from attending or from full participation. Contact us if you have a difficulty getting there.

Accommodation. There are shared hostel rooms for 1000 co-creators to live together for 5 days in the spirit of community living. There will be local hotels also available for those who require them (at your own additional personal cost). We encourage you to bring a tent and set it up in a special tent village on the campus.

Food. There will be simple vegetarian food available, with vegan options. We are trying our best to source as much organic food as possible. There will also be some common kitchen facilities for those interested in group cooking.

Special Request. This is a family-friendly event. We would like to create a safe environment for co-creators of all ages. For this reason, we would like to keep this gathering drug-free and alcohol- free. This is a strict policy of the LSUC. If found with either alcohol or drugs, you will be asked to leave the event immediately.

We also want to make this a zero waste event so please bring your plates, cups, spoons, glasses and leave your plastic at home.

Travel. The next LSuC is going to be held in Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, Rajasthan. Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) was founded in 1950, on a 1200- acre piece of land, on one of the harshest terrains. Acutely prone to droughts, heat and cold waves, epidemics and other travesties of nature, GVM has striven to support local communities through various permanent and adhoc programmes of education, culture, livelihood, health and hygiene, vocations etc. GVM is nestled like an oasis in the Thar desert, near the town of Sardarshahr in IndiaÔÇÖs north-western state of Rajasthan. It is about 300 km west of Delhi , 125 km east of Bikaner and 230 km north of Jaipur (connected by rail and road).

Best routes to get here:
1. Via Jaipur
250 KM from Jaipur. 6 hours by road. The best way is Rajasthan State Roadways. Board a bus from the source Sindhi Camp (Platform Number 4). The frequency of the buses is really good. All the buses heading to Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh, Punjab cross though here. Try not to get on the private ones. Sarkari is better and more accountable if you are visiting here for the first time. Prefer the ones coming via Ratangarh and not Churu as that highway is better. Time taken is the same on both the routes.

The route: Jaipur-Chaumun(Bypass)-Reengus(Bypass)-Sikar-Lakshmangarh (Bypass)-Fatehpur-Ratangarh/Churu-SardarshaharÓñ£Óñ»Óñ¬ÓÑüÓñ░-ÓñÜÓÑîÓñ«ÓÑéÓñü(Óñ¼Óñ¥ÓñêÓñ¬Óñ¥Óñ©)-Óñ░ÓÑÇÓñéÓñùÓñ©(Óñ¼Óñ¥ÓñêÓñ¬Óñ¥Óñ©)-Óñ©ÓÑÇÓñòÓñ░-Óñ▓ÓñòÓÑìÓñÀÓÑìÓñ«ÓñúÓñùÓÑØ(Óñ¼Óñ¥ÓñêÓñ¬Óñ¥Óñ©)-Óñ½ÓññÓÑçÓñ╣Óñ¬ÓÑüÓñ░-Óñ░ÓññÓñ¿ÓñùÓÑØ-Óñ©Óñ░ÓñªÓñ¥Óñ░ÓñÂÓñ╣Óñ░
In case you choose a train over a bus, come up to Churu/Ratangarh and then you'll have to board a bus from there. It takes 1 hour to reach here from both the places.

2. Via Delhi
300 KM from Delhi. 7-8 hours by road. Located on Delhi-Bikaner Highway. The sarkari bus thing of any state roadways should be the last option if you're coming via Delhi. Get on some private bus. Can provide you with the contact numbers of a few good ones, if needed. The source boarding place is usually behind the Tees Hazari Court premises in Delhi. Any bus that heads to Bikaner from Delhi will cross through Sardarshahar. There are more boarding points in Delhi. Confirm with your travel agency.

The route:Delhi-Rohtak-Hisar-Sadulpur(Rajgarh)-Taranagar-SardarshaharÓñªÓñ┐Óñ▓ÓÑìÓñ▓ÓÑÇ-Óñ░ÓÑïÓñ╣ÓññÓñò-Óñ╣Óñ┐Óñ©Óñ¥Óñ░-Óñ©Óñ¥ÓñªÓÑüÓñ▓Óñ¬ÓÑüÓñ░(Óñ░Óñ¥Óñ£ÓñùÓÑØ)-ÓññÓñ¥Óñ░Óñ¥Óñ¿ÓñùÓñ░-Óñ©Óñ░ÓñªÓñ¥Óñ░ÓñÂÓñ╣Óñ░
In case you choose a train over a bus, come up to Churu/Ratangarh and then you'll have to board a bus from there. It takes 1 hour to reach here from both the places.

3. Via Bikaner (or from the direction of anywhere near Jodhpur)
150 KM from Bikaner. 3 hours by road. Boarding a bus from the main bus stand is advisable to avoid any hush-hush. However, you can get on it from Sankalpura stand too, where the probability of getting a seat is very less and you'll have to keep standing for almost half of your journey.

The route:Bikaner-Shridungargarh-SardarshaharÓñ¼ÓÑÇÓñòÓñ¥Óñ¿ÓÑçÓñ░-ÓñÂÓÑìÓñ░ÓÑÇÓñíÓÑéÓñüÓñùÓñ░ÓñùÓÑØ-Óñ©Óñ░ÓñªÓñ¥Óñ░ÓñÂÓñ╣Óñ░
In case you choose a train over a bus, come up to Churu/Ratangarh and then you'll have to board a bus from there. It takes 1 hour to reach here from both the places.

4. Via Ajmer
300+ KM from Ajmer. 7-8 hours by road. The highway is direct and great but the buses are bad. Not prefered. Don't go for it until and unless you are either actually coming from Ajmer or plan to visit the places like Merta (the city of Mira Bai) in Nagaur district.

If you're coming via either Jaipur or Bikaner, availing the state roadways services is advisable. We don't have the most appropriate train connectivity here. You'll have to reach either Churu or Ratangarh anyway and then get a bus from there. However, if you're coming via Delhi, a train until Churu should be a better option, and then, a bus.
If you're booking a seat in a bus, make sure you speak to the travel agency over the phone too.

Here is a link to google location for GVM:

While making travel and stay bookings, please note that we will be starting at 11:00am on 4th March and concluding by 7:00pm on 8th March.

After you register online, you will receive a mail inviting you to join our mailing list. You can also join our Facebook Group on this link.

If you have any questions, please write to us at or call Shikshantar (Udaipur): Harsh: +919958311401, Vidhi: +919829724189; Mitesh (local) +91-9828555308