Vidhi Jain

Vidhi Jain

Vidhi has been a Learning Activist with Shikshantar on the Udaipur as a Learning City process-project for the past seventeen years. She works with the Families Learning Together and Unschooling initiatives, as well as on community media and expressions in Udaipur as a Learning City. See her full bio here.

Frequently asked questions about the Winter Camp. Check out the Unschoolers Winter Camp film.

Come join us for the Swapathgami Film Making Workshop this August.

Come visit The Shikshantar Resource Center for Homeschooling/Unschooling, Gap Year, Walkouts, and Self–Designed Learners.

As the process of deep-dialogue continues, some glaring questions stare at us. How do we see our city, and how do we see it in the future?