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My Happiness Index

Inspired by Bhutan's GNH, everyone is talking about happiness these days. So i started thinking about what are the things that are important for me and my community as part of our work in Udaipur as a Learning City. Here are some things that I came up with so far. There are lots more so I invite you to share and open this appreciative dialogue with your friends and community.

My Happiness Index

10 Signs of a Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Society*

  1. People take time and mourn together for at least 12 days after a death
  2. Marriage ceremony between lovers and their friends and families take place for at least a week.
  3. PeopleÔÇÖs primary mode of transport is either walking and bicycling
  4. Animals of all shapes and sizes (at least 10 different species) can walk freely on the roads in neighborhoods and they feel safe and respected
  5. At least 100 different plant and tree species (with lots of fresh organic fruits and medicinal plants) growing in every neighborhood and the soils are alive and rich with micro-organisms
  6. People have at least 1 hour per day to drink a cup of herbal tea together with their friends
  7. People make and eat fresh breads daily using freshly ground flour, (in most cases 2-3 times per day)
  8. Men feel comfortable crying in front of others and are encouraged to share their feelings openly. Various forms of daily human touch is encouraged.
  9. People don't have to lock their doors and/or don't have to have excessive security measures such as CCTV, security guards, barbed wire fencing, police, military spending, etc.


* In all of the points, I believe that there would be many spaces and opportunities for intergenerational (at least 3 generations together) exchange.