The Peoples' Institute for Re-thinking Education and Development

5 Key Future Trends in Education


1. Student Loans - skyrocketing cost of higher education will make students question whether it is worth it to take on so much Debt

2. Badges - students will opt for much shorter practical skill based programs and start earning/learning while on the job as the unemployment crisis looms.

3. Internal Online Entrance Exams - organisations will opt for their own more effective online entrance processes to evaluate candidates thereby making degrees irrelevant as filters

4. - Many more localised community learning spaces which do not require marks or degrees to join will emerge with more focus on transdisciplinary thinking in the face of complex challenges.

5. Alivelihoods - Many new regenerative careers for happiness and well-being of life on the planet will emerge which don’t require formal qualifications to join. Students will be self-driven to pursue careers with purpose as climate and ecological crisis looms.