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Slow Food Udaipur

Slow Food Udaipur is a local solidarity network of primary producers, farmers, grandmothers, chefs, activists, natural healers, suppliers, distributors and consumers that embrace the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean & fair food for all.

Slow Food Udaipur provides a platform to build consciousness about the food we eat in Udaipur. It seeks to connect urban consumers with farmers, chefs and others directly working with food ÔÇô to learn about good, clean & fair food which prioritizes health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, local cultural practices and the opportunity to directly support small-scale organic farmers working on agroecology.  It also provides an opportunity to regularly gather and meet with like-minded individuals: to share tasty nourishing food and healing onversations, to deepen our knowledge about forest foods, traditional foods and our grandmotherÔÇÖs Desi (local) recipes and to explore how to lead more sustainable and happy lifestyles.



The Slow Food Udaipur will aim to form a food network of small-scale farmers, primary producers, distributors, grandmothers, chefs, activists, natural healers like naturopaths and Ayurvedic doctors, and consumers to improve our consciousness about food and to implement good, clean, and fair food for all.


  1. The Slow Food Udaipur will promote the Slow Food philosophy of Good, Clean & Fair food.
    Good stands for the high-quality in taste, health, as well as appropriateness to our culture. Clean means free of chemicals and safe for the environment. Fair indicates fair prices to both producers and consumers.

  2. To connect, support and promote a vibrant community of small-scale, traditional and local farmers & producers, chefs, grandmothers, natural healers, activists and consumers.

  3. To create a platform for local, genuine, organic and natural farmers and primary producers to meet and to sell their produce directly to customers.

  4. To promote local seeds and greater biodiversity among rural small-scale farmers and producers and urban gardeners, chefs, and organic shops.

  5. To build and support distribution networks committed to provide organic produce at reasonable rates through organic shops, festivals, stores, hotels, and restaurants.

  6. To popularize Mewari gastronomic principles of growing, cooking and eating among chefs, grandmothers, housewives/husbands, caretakers, etc. and to revive forgotten grains, local food processing techniques and traditional cooking methods and recipes through the sharing of Desi knowledge.

  7. To educate consumers through publications, videos, taste food festivals, workshops, campaigns, discussions and interactions with the local community on the principles of Good, Clean and Fair food and on reviving traditional knowledge.

  8. To educate students in agricultural universities, medical colleges, hotel management institutes and schools, on the principles of Good, Clean and Fair for raising awareness about food in relation to health, environment and happiness.


The Core Group of Slow Food Udaipur consists of 13 Slow Food founder members:

  • Mrs. Julie Jain

  • Mr. Surendra Gandhrva

  • Mr. Manoj Prajapat

  • Mrs. Vidhi Jain

  • Dr. GP Singh Jhala

  • Dr. Sanjay Maheshwari

  • Dr. Nishtha Jain

  • Mrs. Pushpa Verdia

  • Mrs. Kiran Janve

  • Mrs. Jyoti Dhabhai

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Manthan

  • Mr. Rohit Kumar Jain as coordinator and facilitator of Slow Food Udaipur.


Existing Projects

SF Udaipur is actively involved in organizing and managing the following projects in its area of influence in & around the Udaipur Region:

  • Banyan Roots, an organic store selling local produce from neighboring farms (within 100km)

  • Millets of Mewar, a healthy local restaurant serving locally-grown grains with organic ingredients.

  • Hulchul Caf├®, a slow food gift culture caf├® run weekly at Shikshantar Sansthan

  • Taji Bhaji Tokri, Urban Kitchen Gardening project: to learn how to grow your own food at your house

  • ÔÇÿKnow Your FarmersÔÇÖ Farm Tours to meet small rural farmers.

  • Grandmother Universities: Slow Food Recipe Videos, Cookbooks and workshops for learning about traditional Desi foods and their health benefits, about preservation & promotion of traditional methods of Food Processing & Cooking.

  • Amda Jaivik Krishi Samuh, PGS organic group of tribal small farmers who are preserving local seeds and traditional multi-crop farming practices.

  • Jadi Buti Pariwar, a group of families that is growing herbal gardens to support their health needs in collaboration with Pranav Yoga and Ayurvedic Center

  • Desi Seed Libraries: Promoting local seed exchange to preserve and share indigenous seeds

Future Plans

  • Forming an Adopt a Local Farmer by consumer cooperation that will promote strong community-based farming

  • Supporting small farmers through creating 'farmpreneurs' food entrepreneurs that create foods for local consumers

  • Developing Educational Workshops and Junior ChefÔÇÖs Academies for Schools

  • Ark of Taste for Udaipur region

  • Slow Food Youth Academy in collaboration with Swaraj University

  • Building an alliance among local chefs

Criteria for Members

1. The members of the Slow Food Udaipur should be small-scale, committed to organic and adhering to the philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair and reside in the Mewar region.

2. Members must commit to support individual and collective educational initiatives aimed at fellow members, farmers and consumers within the network.

Membership details:

INR 500/- for 1 year

INR 2,000/- for 5 years

INR 4,000/- for 10 years

INR 10,000/- for Lifetime

Location & Address

Slow Food Udaipur Registered address shall be:

Banyan Roots, 33 Panchvati,

Udaipur, India 313001