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The Unschoolers Winter Camp

Check out this film on the Shikshantar Unschoolers Winter Camp that was held during Nov-Dec 2017 in Udaipur.

Unschoolers Winter Camp


Q: What can I expect from the camp?

A: The camp is a two month long engagement for free learners involving working on projects, workshops, mentorships, service learning, travelling, community living/decisionmaking and lots of fun with other self-designed learners. Projects like filmmaking, music, farming, cooking, art and crafts, trekking, cycling, etc. would be examples of things which could be explored. The teenagers attending the camp will decide what learning projects they would like to take up depending on their interests. Most of their time would be spent at Shikshantar and with its ecosystem of partners and activities around Udaipur. Some time would be spent with khojis at Swaraj University. The kids will also get a chance to volunteer and participate in the LSUC in Bangalore (23rd ÔÇô 30th December). That would mean travelling with the group to Bangalore.

There would be no exams, textbooks, competition, compulsion, syllabus, classrooms, etc. The program would be emergent and co-created with the participants. There will be mentors and facilitators to host and support them throughout the duration of the camp who will ask kids to try new things outside their comfort zone.

Q: Who is this camp for?

A: This program is primarily for unschoolers, homeschoolers, natural and free learners, school dropouts, kids on a gap year, self-designed learners ages 11-18.

Q: Is there an arrangement for food and lodging?

A: Yes, we will provide clean and comfortable stay for all participants. The living spaces however are shared and there are no separate rooms for individuals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. The meals will be healthy, vegetarian and home cooked.

Q: What is the fee for the camp?

A: This is a gift culture project and we encourage you to contribute from your heart what you can. The suggested contribution for two months for food and lodging is Rs 12,000 per individual. This does not include travel expenses to LSUC, Bangalore (should you wish to go). If you need a concession, please get in touch with us. You are most welcome to sponsor someone else for the camp.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: We would appreciate it if the kids are not younger than 11 years or older than 17 years in age. Having said that, children independent enough to live without the company of their parents would be more suited to the camp. We would also like to get to know the kids and their interests and needs better before the camp. Please get in touch with this regard.   

Q: What kind of clothes should I bring?

A: Udaipur gets pretty cold winters. The temperature can go down to about 10┬║ Celsius at night. We suggest that you pack your clothes accordingly. Sweaters and jackets would be needed. Thermals are recommended. Also please bring a blanket or sleeping bag.

Q: Can parents accompany their kids?

A: The purpose of the camp is to let the kids discover their own multi-potentials and learn to live co-operatively in a group. Due this reason we strongly encourage the parents to trust their kids and us for the duration of the camp. Parents are most welcome to drop their kids off at Shikshantar and stay for a few days to make them comfortable and co-learn with the kids. They can come a share a short workshop with the kids.

Q: Can my child prepare for his exams while s/he is attending the camp?

A: No, we want the kids to use the two months as an opportunity to learn what they want free from any kind of academic compulsion or expectation.

Q: Can you provide coaching/tutor for an exam that my child is preparing for?

A: No.

Q: Is it necessary to stay for the entire duration of two months? Is there a minimum stay duration as well?

A: We strongly recommend that you participate for the entire duration of two months. In case you cannot, a minimum commitment of twenty days at a stretch is requested for participation.

Q: I wonÔÇÖt be able to join from the 1st of November, can I join later?

A: Yes, you can join for a period of one month from the 1st of December.

Q: Can I join sometime in the middle of the month?

A: No, unfortunately not.

Q: What is the size of the program? How many slots for participants are open?

A: We are expecting their to be about 25 teenagers in this program.

Q: Will this happen again next year?

A: We hope to have something again in March-April timeframe and again in the winter.

Q: Is this going to be super fun?




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