The Peoples' Institute for Re-thinking Education and Development

Deschooling Society

Today, when people consider ÔÇ£learningÔÇØ, they equate it with the school system, which provides opportunities for them to learn. Thus, anything learned outside of school is ignored by society. Possessing good education means receiving a degree from school and therefore, the system of school monopolizes education as the only place of official learning and abolishes other learning. According to Illich, educational background shows only the process, what you are taught but not the quality of what you actually learn. Originally, schools were established to give people equal opportunities, however, they now create levels among people. These levels are determined by whether or not one obtains a diplome. Illich denotes the term ÔÇ£schoolÔÇØ in chapter 1 as institutionalization in not only education but also the other institutions such as hospitals, welfare institutions, police and so on. As people depend on the institutionalized society, they become more dependent on its supposed value and start recognizing independent learning as irresponsible and uncreditable.