The Peoples' Institute for Re-thinking Education and Development

Volunteering for LSuC

Learning Societies unConference is entirely organized in the spirit of gift culture and run by multiple volunteers. We feel everyone is a volunteer, a teacher, a co-creator. We believe in creating a space of love and sharing where everyone takes part in co creating. But to manage a huge crowd we need some special people to work along us to create a fulfilling experience for everyone. They form the backbone of our entire gathering.

We have multiple opportunities to choose from depending upon your skills or what you would want to learn and experience during the event.

  • You can choose to volunteer online from now, which includes
    • Spread the Word Online and in person: Sharing regular posts about the event on Facebook, developing content and posters for the same. Talking to friends and interesting groups in your city and state.
    • Online Discussions: Starting online discussions on themes, ideas and vision for LSuC, the volunteers will be responsible for hosting the same on FB.
    • Video/radio support: Helping participants make their own 1-minute videos or radio recordings.
    • We need 9-10 volunteers for online volunteering.
  • You can also choose to volunteer on-ground from 3 days before the event in and around the Venue. We will need you to give 7-10 hours a day for preparation time.
    • Volunteers will need to be present in the venue to go around in groups of two-three people to connect to and invite organizations and individuals for the unConference.
    • Volunteers can also look into how to organize local excursions and visits during the LSUC.
    • Volunteers can help design and setup the unconference spaces.
    • Volunteers can help with online communications.
    • Helping with purchasing for the event.
    • We need 10-15 volunteers for on-ground pre-prep volunteering.
  • You can choose to volunteer during the unConference at our venue. Please come 1 day before the event. We will need you to give 4 hours per day during the LSUC for volunteering. Roles include
    • Registration/Departure: Volunteers will be responsible to handle the registration/departure process.
    • Secret Angels Force: Volunteers will help give all guests coming a special welcome when they arrive. They will help support lots of masti to build the spirit of the gift culture at the event.
    • Lodging Management: Volunteers will be responsible to manage and allot rooms and space to participants.
    • Food Support: Volunteers will be responsible to manage and help the caterers and make sure food is ready and available at meal times and help with serving.
    • Decoration and Set Up: Volunteers will be responsible to prepare and set up spaces for workshops, stalls, games, masti etc. They will also help to keep the spaces clean.
    • Documentation: Volunteers will be responsible for documenting the entire unconference in video, photography and written forms.
    • Local Excursion guides: Volunteers will help coordinator some local excursions to inspiring people, projects and places.
    • Technology: Volunteers will be responsible for managing and handling mic arrangements, speakers, projectors etc.
    • Emergency Force: Be available for handling emergencies as and when they emerge.


We need 50-60 volunteers for during the event volunteering.

Sounds like a lot of work??? We promise you lots of fun and masti during the entire time.

Choosing your preferred role and when can you volunteer. We would love to hear about your interests and skills too to see where you can contribute the most. Also let us know about more ideas for volunteering.

Click here to Apply for volunteering at LSuC.


And if you have any question or queries please feel free to call Harsh at +919958311401 anytime.