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A Little Reminder about the Paradoxes of Life for My Daughter

You are super special AND you are not.

What you achieve in life is important AND it doesn’t really matter.

You will have lots of choices in your life AND you really don’t.

You are your socio-political identity AND you are more than that.

You have inherited trauma AND you have received much more than that.

You will have your heart broken into pieces AND it will heal again.

There is a ton of knowledge and information to learn from out in the world AND the first guru is always within you. Trust your inner voice.

It is good to dream about doing something big AND the small everyday things in life also matter.

I invite you to be serious about your work in the world AND to also be playful and light.

You will have many failures in life AND these experiences will give you many new gifts.

You will need some money in life AND the gift culture is where real happiness lies.

Everything in the world is yours AND nothing belongs to you.

When I die, I will be gone AND I will still be with you.

There are many reasons to be sad, disillusioned and depressed AND there are many reasons to be inspired, excited and happy.

So keep breathing, keep smiling, keep loving, keep stretching, keep imagining and keep co-creating. Life is a magical and mysterious miracle.

-Manish Jain, Shikshantar Andolan

I invite you to add your wisdom to this.

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