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Udaipur Magical Treasure Hunt Game



Welcome to Udaipur!!! We are excited to share our city with you. Your team has a special mission to 'discover' and click a photo with the following amazing people of Udaipur's old city.

Listen to their stories - how did they start the work? What is their process of making things? How did they learn and who are their gurus? Who is in their family? What are the stories of their best experiences with this work and living in the old city? Who is someone else who inspires them in the old city?

1.Traditional Miniature painting artist

2. Modern art gallery

3. Traditional Puppeteer

4. Traditional Wooden Toys Maker

5. Traditional Meenakari mirror art maker

6. Leather diary maker

7. Traditional Potter

8. Patal Dona maker (traditional leaf plates)

9. Eco-weave store

10. Music shop with traditional instruments - get a photo with a morchang

11. Street Musician

12. Handmade T-shirt painter

13. Shop with antique swords and daggers

14. Lala’s gulab jamun wala

15. Traditional silver jewellry maker

16. Ithra or local perfume maker

17. Old coins from Mewar kingdom

18. Local tailor (get a photo with ghagra choli)

19. Tatera bartanwala

20. Soapstone sculptor

21. Traditional silver jewellery maker (check out their tools)

22. Bavri traditional water harvesting system

23. Pyaoo gift culture water station

24. Elephant statue at Jagdish Mandir (final meeting place)


You will have 3 hours to complete your mission. You must return to Jagdish Mandir by ______ PM at the latest. If you find more amazing people, please share their contacts with us.

Contact Manish Jain, Shikshantar if you need any help 8290784189.


p.s. It will be great if you create a similar treasure hunt for your city/community as well.